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Apec Mandala Wyndham Mui Ne will participate in the top of Asia’s largest hotels once it is completed

MUI NE, VietnamDec. 21, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — With great development, Asia is the home of a wide range of the world’s leading resort complexes. According to Traveltoplist, among the list of the largest hotels in the world, numerous top representatives are from Asian countries. The hotels on the list are evaluated in terms of the size of rooms, operating units, entertainment facilities and services.

apec mandala wyndham mũi né
Apec Mandala Wyndham Mui Ne – Biggest hotel in Vietnam

Vietnam is considered to have a strong potential for tourism development with its diversity of nature, however, tourism infrastructure has not been developed synchronously and there are not many international-class resorts. Apec Mandala Wyndham Mui Ne, operated by Wyndham Hotel Group and invested by Apec Group, will participate in the top of Asia’s largest hotels when the project is completed. With the scale of 2,912 rooms, 5000 m2 of swimming pool, 3,000 m2 of conference center, 5000 m2 of indoor play complex, more than 129 entertainment utilities & services such as sky fall, water park, mineral mud park, water park, etc.; the hotel is evaluated to surpass the Marina Bay Sands (2561 rooms) of Singapore and become one of the leading beach resorts in Asia when officially launched.

Representative from Malaysia – First World hotel left surprised when it was the largest hotel in the world regard of room size. First World is located on Genting plateau with a scale of 7,351 rooms, integrated with various services such as casino, shopping, entertainment, water park, movie theater, entertainment space accommodating 4,000 people.

It can hardly be denied that, countless resort hotels from Macau are proudly in the top of the world’s largest hotels. This is the only place in China that has legalized gambling, creating great attraction to tourists. Therefore, Macau is also the home of massive and luxury “casino resorts” such as Sands Cotai Central, Sheraton Grand Hotel, The Parisian, The Venetien Macao. Sands Cotai Central is the largest hotel with a total area of 370,000 m2 of which 91,000 m2 of casino, the rest is the space of shopping centers, restaurants, hotels. This complex combines with Venetian Macau creating the biggest resort city in the world.

With the remarkable development of tourism, Asian countries promise to become the world’s tourist paradise in the future.

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